Networking 101

The video basically goes over something that deals with us wanted to us the network to connect with other people and socialize with them. It was interesting at the beginning that stood out to me for the most part of how Carla describe many sites on the internet that have us connect with many people… Continue reading Networking 101

First Progress Report

MEMO TO: PROFESSOR WAHLEN CC: PROFESSOR FROM: BRENDON T. JONES DATE: MARCH 17, 2022 SUBJECT: FIRST PROGRESS REPORT I’m currently on track with project with designing my website that will talk about the many different movies, shows and shorts that are hard to find in the world. I took 20 minutes on March 4 in… Continue reading First Progress Report

Documentary Summary

It was really interesting when watching the video where it shows for our group from the video that it shows that the takeaways include that we must work together on the project, think of an idea that we must develop for the project or why we chose this idea in the first place. The video… Continue reading Documentary Summary