The Eleventh Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

I was nervous for this week because I was extremely busy with a lot of stuff with my other class especially I was out of town two weeks ago where I make up all my work that I owe but I did do the most out of this week class. I managed to find some AI artwork that were beautiful and bizarre to look while I was googling them. I present to the person at my desk of how I’m doing on my project on a website and how I create it in the simple way step by step. I might have learn that the person at my desk is planning on making a website about music and how he was having fun with it.

There were many different artwork that is AI to explore many creative artistic style that is implemented into some of the pictures. It can be talked about a pictures of many background where some plays a lot of lines and gives us a beautiful view of looking at the colors and what is present in many of the background pictures. The other drawings is highly colorful and weird where it show many different colors (including blue, green, purple, or red, etc.)in the sky or on the ground and features how the plants and the cloud are oddly designed but in a good way. While the third drawing that I found can a bit unclear to see, it’s out of it’s world of what is showing where it looks like it feature a variety of planets with creative environments and flying ships like in Peter Pan blending Sci-Fi with fantasy.

It took me a long time to come up with my Peer teaching with how I’m doing this week where I started the writing by working on some of it on Thursday night and finished it all on Friday morning just in time to the deadline. I prepared on Saturday by presenting my work on world document by starting off with an intro of how I’m doing well with my project and talk about some aspects of how I create my project of some parts. I did five minutes of explaining the steps at a time of how I create the site on WorldPress and the many creative abilities that I put in. I also explained that I add in many menus and description in my project where I showed a picture example of how my project looks right now rather be through the menus in the movies, shows or whatever.

I believe the person’s project has something to do with music where he wants to add lots of music in the website for everyone to have fun listening to many variety of scores or songs. He might have described that he might upload some videos or images off of YouTube or Google about music and adding them in any section/menu on his website. There’s nothing much that I remembered from his project other than it’ll be music related. It look likes it can be an entertaining site to visit to also see many songs that I never heard of before and recommend listening to them.

I was hard week to handle but things did work out at the end. I managed to show many information regarding my project report and how it’s handling. I understand some facts regarding that there might be a great project about music. It was lot of fun exploring the many different AI art of how each of them look. I might not be busy next week despite I’m going out of town again where I’ll let the teacher know but I think I should be fine for next week.

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