The Fifth Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

This week in class was nothing special where things was simple and average everyday where I learned and pay attention to this week topic and try to understand them clearly. I took some practice quizzes this week were it was a mixed where I passed one or didn’t do well on one. I listened to the video to Rushkoff and reading to Montfort where it was interesting when learning them of how we should think of ways to come up with a creative world that would be cool of what we came up with based on our mind. When listening to Cathy’s podcast it’s basically discussing of WOMD (Weapon of Math Destruction) where we try to come with a great resolution when using algorithms of predicting of what will happen in the real world. I haven’t thought up with any ideas for my project yet where I was busy working on my last project in class.

I wasn’t really expected that I have to take practice quizzes at first where I’m worried if they might effect my grade in the class. However I was relieved that it’s not going to count as my grade where I did my best of how I was learning in the class so far. The quizzes can varied of the results that I got. I took the Hyperlinks two time where I didn’t do well on the first time but I pass on the second time by earning a perfect score. I took the algorithm quiz today and it was bad where some didn’t pass the quiz as well where we didn’t understand the concept of algorithm. Despite some of the results that we got on one of our quiz, we did do our best when working on the quizzes.

The video and reading when learning about the point of view from Montfort and Rushkoff by how it was fascinating of thinking of something excellent of many ideas of a world that would be highly original. We want make this project where we want to show them to the world of the amount of effort we put into the world we made on our own. It invite us to use our mind of trying to picture of what’s happening of what we saw in the mind where we want to write it down to try to come up with some beautiful ideas for our project. It does take a lot of time of making the project that we’re working on of trying to make them work by adding lots of information and coding into the project but we would be proud of the work that we invented and see if many people really like your original world that they want to more about this project.

The WOMD really teaches us the importance that we thought of something of what will be a perfect decision by using it on a person of how their lives are in danger. I believe it might be related to a student that’s having trouble in class that might worried that he might do bad for the rest of year of predicting of how his life in school will affect his future. It would be a great if he would pay attention in class a lot more or a tutor or his friend can help him out with his to know the information a lot more to help him do better in class. It can a great decision for him where it would help him to not only do well in class but the entire school year by entering in the next grade level in school.

I was busy with some work in one of my classes this week and complete with a big project of a website from last week where I didn’t have time think of some ideas for the big project. I took a long time working on my last project by adding many menus, pictures, and videos that would fit into my art gallery site that is regarded as my most ambitious project that I ever made with the amount of energy and effort I put into it. I think I need to relax for the rest week so I can my mind back together by coming up with some crazy ideas where I would be able to come up with something nice for my big project. I might watch a movie this week and take a hike to have my mind relaxing. It would take a long time for me to come up with an idea but I might have it soon as possible and prepared to discussed to the teacher for next week.

The fifth week for class wasn’t really special of what I experienced this week. It was mixed of the quizzes that I took of some facts that I understand or not. The two people inspired me to make my own ways and possibilities of what I want to do to the project that I want to make some days. It was understandable of learning that the WOMD has to do by figuring out ways to help people out to overcome the serious issue that they’re facing and move on to something else. I might have to take a break for a while so that I can get back on track of thinking of something that I might do for my project. Even though it was an average week, it was still a nice week and I did understand lots of interesting facts and some of information for the big project that would come up soon.

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