The Fourth Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

The fourth week in class really shows that we attend to our own ways and show our creative style for our work that we assigned for this week. I had lot of fun with the projects that I worked on where it can be stressful at first but for the most part I think I did fine with the work that I put in my project. I managed to present to the classmate today of what I want to discussed about which is how to make a GIF for my retro home page where it was simple but still did my best. My project for my retro page will be the most project that will be lot of fun and add lots of creative work in the site.

I think I did well with my presentation that I did and present them to the classmates where they enjoyed it too. I decided to use make a GIF for my home page as the topic that I want to present to the audience so that some people would want to make their own GIF to their site and be playful with it. I also showed them some steps at the end of how to make a great-looking GIF for their page where I try put in some clear simple details and even snapshots so that they would understand the steps very easily and managed to make their GIF. It was really long where I believed I presented for about 10-12 minutes where it did add lot of information and many pages to my presented topic where technically didn’t reach the 15 minute mark and my topic is really simple but with big amount of work that I put into the topic I think the overall result is satisfying where even the audience like my presentation as well.

I’m really excited for the main project that I’m working on this week where I’m going to my heart and passion to make my retro home page beautiful to look at. My homepage is going to be an art gallery that’ll contains a viewing worth of character designs, backgrounds, or any other concept art that’ll have many people entertained. It’ll also contain videos of people making art or how to draw characters or background so if they want to be an artist one day or they’re already artist enthusiast. It might take a while for my project to get done where I started on Wednesday where I won’t be able to finish till Sunday night due to the amount of work that I might put into that homepage. Even though it can take a while to finish, I’m full passioned to have my site to be shown to the classmate really soon and see if they like it or not and site is going to be called Square Evolution.

It really show how this week of what will be like for one of my assignments where I might have list them down for updates. I already did my presentation to the students of what I have to say and instruct them in the GIF for the homepage where it was good. I have high hopes for the homepage to work on even though it can be a long time to create it. I had a blast this week with all the different project that we worked on this week where next week will be relaxing and be back in doing simple assignments to focus on instead of projects.

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