The Ninth Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

It was a really interesting week where I was glad to explain how I’m doing in class and do my best to understand what is AI. When I was doing my evaluation where I took my time with the mid term and discuss that I think I’m doing well in the class not great but still good. I said that because I may not made the best projects in the class and sometimes I can be off focus in the class but mostly they were solid because the amount of creative and tried my best work that I put in for each of them individually that do in class each week. I always do my best in class by paying attention for the most part in class where try my best of knowing every information that’s presented in class so I would understand the class a lot more and know how programming works. I notice with AI in many films and shows where we see them to be easy to understand many humans by knowing their language and know how to operate many creative facts. I shows how it compares of what I learned of how the AI have lots of important facts and try to help us out to make great decision and have a great knowledge to understand them of what they trying to compute. I tried my best of explaining everything of why I’m doing just good in class and did my explaining in AI in the simple way possible where makes the week really interesting and educational.

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