The Seventh Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

The week was really fun where there are many things that were engaging to do in class. While it didn’t known how to make an Eight ball but it was really interesting to know some facts about the object. I showed some people of how I use a website that I find last Friday and teach them in a different approach. While I was on break, I forgot about the person’s project but I did remember some facts of the project. The project that I’m going to be working on is focusing on movies/shows that nobody have heard of before and recommend they should watch these movie/shows one day.

When it comes to the eight ball, I couldn’t find any information of how to make a program of it where it was hard to find online but I did a other way. I look up some facts of the balls of what is it purpose and how do we use them properly where I might want to use the eight ball one day. I understand that it’s a fortune teller that might predict your future where we try to guess if our future will be good or not. We would follow them sometimes where if the ball tell your fortune of what you wish and if it came true then we would be happy. We can be sad if our wish didn’t came true from the ball where it can make us frustrated.

I had a great time teaching many students of the website that I found and teach to the students of what I did to teach them the website. The website I found is called Crayon which allow you to make your own comic. I used a different way to the students where not only I taught them how to use tools on the website but also showing them that you can make lots of nice pictures on the website. I drew a house, rocket, smiley face, and a star where it was lot of fun making these drawings and showing them to many people. I bet they had a wonderful time with the website where they might want to use the website and make their own drawings in the future one day.

I might not remembered to person’s project where I was on break but I might know some of the facts from the project. It might have been a flashdrive where it holds of tool of showing us some questions and answer these questions. It might something to test your knowledge to see if you know these problem or not. It gives us some math or maybe english problems where it can be easy or hard to solve depending on the question. It looks like an interesting project where it would be a helpful tool for some people to know how knowledgable they’re in school.

It took me a while to find out what could be a fantastic idea for my final exam but I found a way which took me two weeks to think about. My project will be another website but it’s going to be different from the art gallery website that I worked on where this website will be called Underrated Legends but later changed to Underrated Heroes. The website will be about getting to know about some of the variety of enjoyable movies or shows to many people  that believe nobody have heard about before or didn’t know they exist. It’s the goal of trying to get people to understand about the movies or shows that they saw where they might want to know what each movie and shows are about and why they might to give them a watch to see what they think of them. The project will take a long time to make regarding the many movies and shows and their facts to have people to learn about them or get on board with them where it can take about 4 – 6 weeks depending on the materials that I have to work on this big project.

It was a great week where I know some info from a ball and a person’s project and also did entertaining things including coming up with a big project that I might do and being creative with the website I found for everyone. I might be doing a good job in the class so far where I learned some interesting things in class and managed to pay attention. It can be troubling at times where some of the work can be challenging for me but I did managed to understand most of the work and turn them in on time. While I might have a hard time in the class but overall I believe I’m doing fine.

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