The Sixth Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

The sixth week does have many information that I was understanding very well where despite for one aspect that I was having trouble. The ending of Soft Truth was a bit confusing where it was hard to figure out. While it fascinating of discover when reading the YouTube article where there can be some dangerous videos on the site at times. My group-mate and I was discovering a digital product online that was nice and never heard of before online.

The short story’s was really difficult to follow where I couldn’t understand what was happening or what even happening to the sphere in the story. However, that didn’t mean I didn’t understand anything from the story where there is this aspect that I get of what is trying to say and understand it. It was really observing to engage how a person thinking is seeing another form of themselves as the same but wearing different clothing where it might proves they having a deja vu of seeing a clone of themselves. It’s ending could have work better but I was clever of going through what it like to see a clone of ourselves.

I thought at the end after the article were it was educational to know not only YouTube but also the internet can have disturbing content at times. We can see how many videos of politics can be harmful of what is right or wrong from the politics. We can see the comments be a problem time of how many people think of the video if they like it or not. It can also prove that the dislikes have been taken down for no one see many dislikes that were received from the video. This proves that sometimes the comments can be hidden where the video doesn’t want to see a lot of dislikes coming from many viewers of what they think of the video. When many people go on YouTube, they would go to a video that they watch and thought it was good but there are some that dislike it where it can filled with complicated results of exciting people who has good thoughts or angry people with serious critical thoughts.

There is a product that me and one of my group look at and were it fascinating that an item that doesn’t blocks ads but everything where it was crazy to hear. It features lots of nice facts describing this ridiculous product of how it was made in 2016, it was made by two people, and it’s purpose to get of lot of stuff online except ads. My group-mate and I were having a nice time analyzing the product despite we were having a difficult time finding of items that were used to make NonAd Blocker where when we searched online there were there wasn’t a single information that tallks about the creation of the project. It may look bizarre seeing this type of product not getting rid annoying ads but it at least it was interesting trying to get to know about it and what it do online.

I went through reading a story that have a great concept that I manage to understand despite the ending falling apart. We understand a lesson that online can be controversial at times. There was proof that an ad blocker that doesn’t blocks ads exist and sounded interesting when going through it. It was a fascinated week in class of learning a lot of facts that were nice or crazy.

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