The Tenth Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

I was nervous with the assignment at first but I had fun with it making my own creative ways of what I explained in this week summary. The designers should make AI if it were robots designed like humans, they would make them not only easy to understand humans and have lots of important facts. It will also try to help the humans out, never turned evil, and have a great personality in the AI where it can be nice or smart where makes the humans want to be with the AI and understand them more. I believe they talking about Alert II being a lawbreaker fairness facts system that handles lots of facts including data that could either be investigating and organization or operational and management assistance. I think some of projects will be pervasive today if they require lots of smart data and creative information. We use creativity as something that we think up with something on our own where we have a fantastic idea that comes to our mind and we want to think about it or use it. The computer is filled with lots of creative items every year where they want to try out new ideas to have many audience be engaged and want to use it. It was pretty educational of learning AI of understanding many facts and details from the AI.

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