The Third Interesting Week in Class for This Semester

When working in class this week, it was a bit of a mixed bag for me when it comes of the assignments that I worked on where there were some that were easy and good for me to handle while some were hard to do where they can be really challenging for me. There were some that were engaging including the podcast of GeoCities of giving lots of interesting facts and concept that I understood throughout the video or coming up with ideas that I might use for my homepage project for next week. I also had fun working with people at my desk on Wednesday finding facts of the a system that I never heard of before and looks cool and want to learn more about the system. While there were some that I found a hypercard stack that I find it was cool but was having some problems using this card.

I recently watched a podcast regarding a concept that I never heard of before regarding GeoCities where it was really fascinating understanding what they are and their purpose. It really shows that GeoCites features many different sections online of maybe information or websites where it’s like a town or city but online where the information or websites are like buildings in lots of creative ways that we want to check out. It can be similar to a GeoCities that I found during the podcast where one is called The Deleted City where showcases its site as a file system as a map of showing many sections of files of going through each section with many different files and form them into a great town online. It was really educational and clear to know lots of cool facts of GeoCities where I looking forward in learning more about the GeoCities in the future.

There were many ideas that I came up that will fit perfectly for my homepage project for next week where my homepage project will be related to art. I first thought up with Art Evolution as my title but I didn’t felt like it’s too simple as a title so I use a different and creative title instead where I decided to use Square Evolution as the name of my retro homepage. The site will be a gallery website where it will show lots of beautiful artwork (character designs, background, etc.) that can be hard to find on the internet at time where sometimes it can be a shame at times for looking for a looking for perfect art which will be displayed on my retro homepage so that many people can see many great work from talented of artist. It might take some time creating the project for next week but I might have a lot for project and add in what creativity I want to put into my retro site.

While there were some assignment that I able to do, there is one project that I was having difficulty doing where I found a hypercard stack online but having problems using it. I found a hypercard stack in Internet Archive and looks like it look fun where I found a hypercard of a piano where it can be playful of playing on the piano and making our own music. Even though it look cool at first, it just I was having some issues using the piano where when I clicked on each of the keys but there wasn’t any music playing where I tried many ways to get the piano to work but still no sounds of the piano keys by playing music. I thought the piano would be nice but couldn’t understand how to work where I had other assignments to do then spending time working on the piano.

This week can have varying results when it comes with the assignments where they can easy or hard to complete. The parts regarding GeoCities and coming up with ways of making a website was enjoyable and made me gain lots of important and good facts. While the part with the hypercard was challenging for my brain and had a lack of knowledge of figuring out how to use the card that I found. Despite the mixed results on the assignment, I still had a nice time in class this week where I managed to pay attention a lot in class of some important facts and managed to hang out with the people at my desk a lot more where maybe next week assignment will be better but I think this week is still good.

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