Week 1 Summary

We might not have done much this week since it’s our first week in this class but it was quite fascinating going through some of the material that I did this week. It’s really interesting that I didn’t have to make a new blog page or setting up an account because I already did that last semester while I was in Intro to Digital Studies where it was lot of fun coming up with the amount of work I did in this class and hoping that it turn out to be the same in Applied Digital Studies too. It was a nice time that I did the welcome survey because it was great to get to know and understand me a lot more by how I might do in this class. It is always important to learn through the syllabus where must learn the rules so that we would know in the future and not get in trouble. I study the information where it shows that we meet in class or Zoom on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and class starts and end (1:00 pm-1:50 pm), you can also email the teacher on outlook incase you need to let him know of something where you can also talk to him by making an appointment through virtual office hours. The syllabus also features the date of the assignments we would be doing this semester, the policy of rules that we know of what we should or shouldn’t do in class and grading scale of either check + or check – where we would know how the class will be structured for this semester. While we didn’t have much to do, I still enjoy this first week in class where many meet lots of new people that I might get to know them a lot more in the class, understanding the assignments that we might do, and what we’re expecting to know in this class. This week is simple but it gives me a lot of time to understand the class a lot more.

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