Week #2 Summary

We might have 2 days of class since this week was MLK day but with the 2 days that we have in class this week, it offer lots of information that is fascinating to go through. There were some work that stand out to me this week where they were fun and exciting to do. I tried using mudslinger but I was having a hard time access it in where I tried to respond by saying “hi” or “how you’re doing” but it didn’t quite understand me. I decided to not use it and instead use other activities including viewing through websites through the Wayback Machine and watching Social Dilemma again on Netflix. When using the Wayback, it was interesting and fun seeing many sites of how they were and all the way they are now where we see in the old years of how they look back then and now they updated the sites with better background, variety of sections, or new stuff for the stuff where they received an upgrade to fit in to today’s time where I looked through many sites including Fandango, Google, and Amazon, etc.. This was my second time watching Social Dilemma on Netflix where the last time was back in last semester when I took Digital Studies where it’s a great movie of going through the life of technology where after watching a second time, it was still excellent. The movie does show how electronics can be bad to us sometimes and root our brain where we need to spend quality time away from electronics and do other things including going outside or read books where it can relax your mind and want to go on adventures a lot more. When we were in class today, it was really fun and creative by working with one of my classmates of coming up with a concept that is fantastic where it might have filled with lots of amazing architect, beautiful environments, flying cars, areas that are out of this world, and how the concept is a beautiful place to go live in where we had a great time coming up with the concept. Even with having a short class week, it was thrilling going through the materials that I worked on by expressing my thoughts on a movie, going through sites that are old and now new, and making a world that is breathtaking. The week is loading with lots of exciting stuff and I can’t wait what’s next week of class have in store.

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