Brendon Jones


I started at Germanna back two years where I spent two years at the community college where I did most of my school work at home mainly due to how it happen as the same period as covid where I manage to do really good with my schoolwork at the college. This is my first year (2021) at University of Mary Washington where I’m majoring in Digital Studies where I’m learning facts regarding the internet and how the internet can either be fun to socialize or can root your brain. I have a passion in reading lots of books especially children books by going through the many creative and beautiful illustration adding fun into the books with humor in there too. I was also into animation from 2013-2020 by drawing lots of pictures that I either came up by myself or took from many animated movies where I used to watch lots of animated films and I always dream at working at an animation studio either at Disney or Pixar. While I’m talking about movies, I was also a film critic by judging lots of movies if they’re some that I really like or others that I really hate. I was a fun childhood/adulthood that I was into animation and movies but I stopped growing my passion in both of them where being an animator sounds like lot of hard work so I might either be working at the post office sorting boxes or helping at the hospital or UMW. I stopped being a critic last year mainly because of how being a critic can turn me into a jerk at times by being rude to many people sometimes especially my family where I decided not to be a critic no more and started improving my behavior and focus on my family and friends a lot more. However I still love watching movies and going through animation where I still draw pictures. My future after I graduate from college is to go out and help make the world a better place to live in by helping a people in need of help and try to live with a mentor/guide as my roommate where he/she will help me on how to be a great and responsible person and how to take full responsibilities on my own.

Four Favorite Projects that I worked on in Creative Coding


The clock that I made is a green spinning clock with various of shapes with a giant triangle as the arrow where a big circle is attached to the arrow with a small square inside the circle. I was nervous at first with project mainly because of some ideas that I want to try out by making a great digital clock but the problem is I don’t know any of the coding. I decided to do the best I can by making my clock project simple where I watch some of coding train videos on how to make a clock. I didn’t copy any of the work from the videos where I just studied on how to make a good clock and did what I can to make my own clock that I’ll be satisfied with. The Rotating Green Arrow Clock that I made was very simple for for me where it’s just a spinning arrow with different shapes and it was simple and cute where I was being really creative on the amount of shapes and size that I used and put all them together and the color that I used for the arrow and background. Even though I would want to make a digital clock but I enjoy making a easy clock that works out well for me.


My project of a screensaver is project with lots of tiny dots with different colors and weirdly random drawn circles flashing on the top of the project and also some weirdly looking lines. The work that I put in the project is very beautiful and immersive to look at by the details and ideas put into the project. It features lots of tiny dots popping out and going around in the screen which they have their own colors to make the project really colorful especially the light blue background. The circles and lines may came out of nowhere but they’re rather creative with the circles flashing lights and be playful with the lines. It may be a simple drawing but it has lots of beautiful colors and greatly drawn that make this project really fun to look at.


I made several of pictures or GIF glitching out where there’s a camel moving his mouth, a dancing Yoda, a rock and roll Ronald McDonald, Gromit making a Wallace snowman but the head falls down and Gromit reacts, and a few spaceship pictures. I was going to use a clip from Men in Black or Jackie Chan animated series as the glitch art but were having a hard time to glitch out so I took those series out and use the camel, Yoda, etc. instead which worked out fine as my glitch art. The art that I came up with different GIF and pictures were lot of fun and saw the amount of glitching that came from them. Some of these glitches are really humorous and funny too on how they move and glitch including the camel and Yoda. Even though that most of the pictures aren’t fully glitch entirely in each of them but I did my best in order to glitch those pictures and GIF and make them nice and lovely to look at.


I create a bot that expresses the passion of entertainment and how it can describe it can put us in a great mood when looking for great media in movies or shows, etc.. I had fun working on this project especially how it’s one of my first projects/assignments that I worked on in this class of Creative Coding by expressing a large variety of entertainment fields including movies, shows, plays, sports, music, etc.. It also make this project really good by coming up with lots of different intros to start to start off perfectly with the sentence that I’m trying to generate. The project is not fully complete where there are several more words I should add in the feature section to express more words related to entertainment including cooking show or game show. There could’ve been more work included in the project and should have shown an example from the project in the readme file but I still did had a solid time with showing lots of creative and different words and sentences. You guys can also view my twitter bot of the tweets that it have been posting where the link is in the description below or in the read me file if you want to look at the creative post from the twitter bot that I made.

Overall Reflection of Creative Coding

I was interesting journey in this class where I learn lots of interesting stuff of making fun projects and facts that I never heard of before. I could have some times that I feel iffy with the project that I work on where I don’t know how to do them but I do try doing my best best at the end where it’s better than nothing. While most of the projects that I made aren’t really ambitious of my point of view but I did do my own way to make them fun and creative. It does take a lot of time to make a great project by following lot of steps, putting the code in the project, or any work that you put in but we did come out satisfying of the work we made at the end. The class can be hard at time but for the most part, I did had an engaging time in the class making lots of nice projects and recommend for lots of people who wants to express their own creativity on the projects that they would want to work on by adding their own style.

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