Documentary Summary

It was really interesting when watching the video where it shows for our group from the video that it shows that the takeaways include that we must work together on the project, think of an idea that we must develop for the project or why we chose this idea in the first place. The video connects to my group of how we have this fascinating idea in our heads that we want to work on and want to share to the audience of this idea that they never heard of before and would love to hear it. I’m going to be designing a website for my group project where it’ll be a site called League of Events where it’ll have podcast of sport related topics where I’m going to start from scratch of creating my website first then add the menus that I’ll be using, then select the best theme for site and add some pictures to the site to make it interesting and gorgeous to look at and also interesting to know about the site where it should be simple and I got everything under-controlled for the project. I’m looking forward in making this website for my group not only creative on a theme scale but also have lots of interesting content of podcast about sports where hopping to gain lots of people to enjoy the work that not only making the website but also listening to my group podcast to understand their thoughts on the podcasts. I don’t know what I want to gain from my group where my brain can’t function a lot of stuff where I currently focusing on the project. It is going to be exciting of coming up with a name that’ll fit well with our sports project where the site is called League of Events where I would imagine the site having lots of interesting facts of sports (football, soccer, baseball, etc.), great sport pictures of sports or sport players, and full of podcast that is engaging to listen where it would make my group project a very fascinating piece to look into and jump onboard to know more facts of the information that we found of the project that we can up with. My group is described as under controlled where we have a flow schedule to try and get a lot of things done on time to make this project work where I design the website, one is taking lots of great notes for the project and the other is going to host the podcast. I think the word that fits best is passion where me and my group have heart of working together on the project and able to not only participate but always helping each other out where it’s us that we would do our best to be prepared for the day to present our project. I would say that our group is a solid 9/10 so far where we try to complete each task for our project each week by having our schedule as smooth as possible and add in lots of materials that would fit perfectly into our project. I do feel like there’s a strong hope that my group will get the project done on time since we been doing lots of notes and draft of what will the project will look like and how it shouldn’t take long for me to make a website where we feel like we’ll do a great job on this project. I don’t have much to say where I don’t feel nervous that we may not get it done on time, nothing supportive, or any additional feedbacks other than I have a strong knowledge that the project will be excellent with lots of work and heart put into it and we can’t wait to show to the class soon.

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