Independent Production Role Exercise

I’ll be handling on designing a website for the project of where the podcast will be uploading at later on during this semester where I chose this job where it’s simple and easy and I can add lots of creativity to the site where I don’t have to talk in front of the podcast where I get nervous talking in a show or podcast sometimes by sometimes screwing up my words that I say. I designing a website feel like a great idea for me where let me takes a good amount of time where nothing will disturb or interrupt me when I’m doing my role for this assignment. It can be compare to another classmate who’s doing the same role as me where we experimenting our own creativity or ideas that we came up with to be put in the project to make them highly creative and artistic as possible by showing the public our best work that we did so far where we may not learn anything new since we know the process of designing and crafting a project where we want to have fun and playful with the materials that we have to try and make this project special. I might not have much questions to say since it’s hard to think about when it comes with designing the website where I guess maybe “Do you want me to add many clear details in the project explaining in each section regarding what section are they and their purpose? or “Do you want my information to be short and easy to understand so that nobody will be bored with reading lots of letters?”. I might try to achieve of doing of what I can where I going to do my best work of the materials that’ll handle for the website where there will be lots of pictures and clear facts in each section of the website where it’ll make the website interesting while listening to our podcast.

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