Internet City – Rebuilding the Internet Art Project

I made my project in form of a map where on this map, it’s set to be a city where there’s many places of sites that’s on the internet to explore. I was inspired to reimagine the internet into a city from the Disney film – Ralph Breaks the Internet. In the movie you see the internet looks like a big world with a lot of different and creative environments/paces of sites on the internet to discover. You see the main characters Ralph and Vanellope going to different places (Ebay, Buzz Tube, Slaughter Race and Oh My Disney, etc.) to explore in these places or have fun. I designed in my own form of an internet city where on the map I drew icons from different companies you guys might be familiar with before, there’s an enter sign to welcome users who wants to go inside the world of the internet, there’s a water fountain in the center, and the background is colored in purple where it’s meant to be a floor made of crystal. In this map, I decided to put the sites in different sections of the map so that not only where to find them but also how these sites have similar qualities. The first section that I named is Search Engine Area where you go and explore many different search engine to have access in looking for anything online (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox). The second section is called Shopping Center where it’s an area that is filled with stores and you can shop for anything (movies, shows, clothes, toys, food, etc.). Some stores (Ebay & Amazon) where many people wants to buy something new or stuff that are not available in stores in the real world (Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy) anymore where you can buy all sorts of stuff from Ebay or Amazon including movies, shows, food, games, clothes, books, etc. We also use stores (Best Buy, Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, or Costco) on the web too where we could shop for items on these sites of what we want where it’ll be deliver to your address or you have to get it from the store. The Third section where I like to call it Entertainment Palooza where it’s an area for us to relax and have fun where you can watch videos (movies, shows) on streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and different sites including YouTube, ABC, and Tubi. You can also listen to music on YouTube and ITunes where you can also watch movies, shows, or listen to podcast on ITunes too. You can also can also go to this area to get tickets for a movie you want to see at many sites of places including Regal Cinemas or AMC Cinemas. The final section is called Good Eats Joint where you can go these sites and try to either make reservations and order meals for many restaurants including Longhorns or Chillie’s. While you can order meal ,treats or snacks, etc. at places and be ready for pick up including from Burger King, Subway, McDonalds, Auntie Anne’s, or Baskin Robins. After 2 hours that I created this project of the internet as a city for users to go and discover many places, it gave me heart and passion to create this project of the amount of inspiration that I thought of from Ralph Breaks the Internet. I put the icons of the different sites to make them look like buildings. I separate each sites in respective sections due to how some of them are similar to one another. I want it to make my project as creative and colorful as I can with each of the sites or what’s on the map. I will always try to remember this project for the amount of works, details, and colors I’ve put into it and lead me to want to draw more creative drawings.

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