My Eighth #Dgst101 Post- Analogue Technology

We can tell that stuff like book, record players, or notebooks are definitely way better than any digital devices including computer, phones, or even digital tv. I agree that technology can root our brain sometime where we tend to spend so much time watching tv or play on the computer where it can lead us to be mean spirited to other people and anxious. I would rather do some healthier exercise than spending so much time on the computer where I can read a book where reading a book can lead to lot of great stuff. When reading a book, it can free our mind and visualize our mind to have a fun and adventurous time inside our head by the chapters we read where it makes you want to go lots of fun adventures based on the book you read. When we read books, they can be a great exercise where we get to read many pages or view many pictures that are in the book where there’s nothing that can harm your mind where all you’re doing is just reading or looking at a book. We don’t have to use a phone or computer for listening music on YouTube or ITunes where we can listen to music on record player where we can listen to many music that we want on a record and don’t have to bother for a long time of going through annoying ads online or spending lots of money on songs online where we need money for clothes, food, or books that we need for school, etc. I love to write things that comes to my mind or plans that I have for the future in a journal where my stuff will be kept private and nobody will read any of my information except for me like stealing info from me. While in modern time we tend to use computers and phones for school, work, or other places that we go to like the movies, etc., but it always great to use other ways instead of technology including we can write some stuff on paper or read books where it’s simple and gives out great relaxing and fun time in your mind.

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