My Fifth #Dgst101 Post-Videogames

When it comes to online games/video games where some can tell it’s either effective tool or social change but however in my point of view with games, it kinda depends how you view online games/video games to prove if they’re healthy exercise, fun activity, or waste of time or unhealthy. When I was a little kid, I used to play lots of videogames both online and on any game system. I feel that when playing games online they can be lot of fun and some can be educational. Whenever online games are educational for me, they do put me in focus where they can be helpful source to help me do greatly in school rather it be solving math, history, or science problems, doing some reading, or do some spelling. You known the best places that I love to play games online when I was a kid was from sites from Nick Jr. or PBS Kids where I play many fun games and fun activities from the different tv shows from those websites of those kids network. There’s also cd games including Jumpstart where those are very educational that’ll help you learn lots of great and fun materials and activities when you’re ready to start Kindergarten, PreSchool,1st or 2nd grade, etc. and also help you get the hang of many courses including reading or math.

When it comes to playing games on either Gamecube, Playstation 1-4, Xbox, or Wii, we used them to help free our mind and to have fun where we could have family members and friends to come and play with the individual where it does tell that I follow those things. Whenever I’m not busy, I sometimes play videogames where they can be very exciting and creative of whatever what game I play to free my mind and try to relax. I do play some fighting games including Super Smash Bros Meele where I do love choosing whatever character I love due to their personality and abilities they have in that game where one of my favorite characters includes Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Captain Falcon is hilarious.There’s another great game to play where it’s called Disney Infinity where that game is awesome where you get to build whatever you want by creating your own universe and own lots of characters where it’s a shame that you have to buy the characters figures in the store but the game is a lot of fun where it’s like making your own movie, show, or art. I do love playing lots of video games when I was kid especially online games where do feel like videogames and online games are very educational where they do help us with either want us to not stress to much and have an awesome time or help us to be smart and knowledgable in order to pass school. However I stopped playing games when I was in the 10th grade in high school since I was busy with schoolwork where I was focus in doing amazing by earning lots of fantastic grades so I can pass high school and watching lots of movies where I was exploring lots of movies that I never heard of before and I do research on those movies to learn more about them. This proves that I don’t play games that much in high school when I played lots of games when I was a kid. However I still think videogames and online games are very fun and interesting to play where there will be times when some games can root our brain and boring, there are still games that’ll be exciting and leave with you fill with joy where we just to go out of our ways to have an enjoyable, creative, and interesting time of playing fun levels, creative your own word or learning lots of great education materials.

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