My First #Dgst101 Post – The Veldt

I read Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt this week and it was interesting of going through this story of the many fantastic notes regarding technology. When analyzing the story, it made me curious to know how will the future will be like by trying out new ideas and better technology. It does show how we can feel tired of doing lots of chores and doing tasks by ourselves where this is why we might see robots or other technology will help serves us and also keep us safe and comfortable where the robots/technology can serve us with food, help fix automobile, read us a bedtime story, or help nurse us, etc where you sometimes see these things in movies or shows. It would be awesome to have a house that also can be set virtually just like in the story where it like a 3-D movie where you see something popping out and coming at you and you could feel you in this place just like Africa in the book. The book really does show on how it be beautiful to see more cool electronics and clever ideas in the future of the world will be bigger and better by also want to make the world a better place to live on Earth.

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