My Fourth #Dgst101 Post-My Terms of Service

Mouse Cursor Clicking Accept for Terms and Conditions Agreement. 3D illustration

Let’s be honest, we all know that many people are very bored of Terms of Service (TOS) of going through many notes to look over. Whenever we go on sites to make an account for ourselves including Facebook, Twitter or whatever, we see the TOS pop up where it can be frustrating to studying all those notes of how it tries to keep your account/profile safe and get rid of any hackers. I mean sure TOS can be feel torture, but I think it’s important that we have TOS because we have to go through many steps if we want an account on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, or whatever site on the web where if we read each of those TOS, then our account will be safe and great to use on the internet. While it’s true that we must add our name, birthday, and email in every account that we make on the web, we must need to check off each box in the TOS and click to agree to Terms of Service in order to proceed and move forward to have fun with your account that you make online. We viewing Terms of Service can bum us out at times but TOS have a purpose to be there and why we have to look over it and how it can help protect our account from harm and be amazing.

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