My Ninthth #Dgst101 Post- Text Analysis

This assignment was a little complicated for where I got nervous at first where I didn’t know what to do where I did come up what I have and decide to my own work. I decided to make my world of movies where the words and stuff you see in the word cloud that I create have to do with either movies or stuff you usually see in movies. It make sense where I’m taking Cinema Studies at the university where I get to understand the importance of cinema and the basics of making a movie. The class can be hard with me at first since I first received a bad grade on a midterm but at times moves on and understand a lot better, I started to get used to the class and think that I’m doing well. Anyways, when I was a little kid, I was obsessed with movies and tv shows where I watch them a lot on tv, ITunes, or going to the theater a lot. I was my dream in becoming a critic where I judged movies based on the quality that they other rather they’re good or bad. I used to watch a lot of Star Wars when I was in the third grade and all the way up to fourth grade where I remember some of the action scene, having fun doing lightsabers fights with my brother and sisters, watch the movies a lot, or have a lot of fun no matter what where it was great memory of my childhood and still watch the movies and shows in recent times. I also watch a lot of animated movies where explore not only creative animation style but also what they have to offer in terms of the story, characters, and their own identity. It also my dream to be an animator at Pixar, Dreamworks, Illumination, or Sony where I was looking forward since I do love to draw a lot but my dream of being an animator didn’t last that long since now my dream is to work at the postal service or at store but still do love drawing. I also decided not to be a critic no more since I was losing my touch and how it turned me into a jerk by not focusing on my family where I’m going to find other hobbies which I haven’t decided yet and going to focus more on my family but I still love watching movies and shows. Even though there were some hard with me in the entertainment field but there will be times that I had fun and a good time in the field which I’ll remembered.

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