My Second #Dgst101 Post- Small Pieces Loosely Joined

After reading the chapters of Small Pieces Loosely Joined, it gave me curiosity regarding on how the internet is built and how it grown through over the years and now. It opened up with many creative facts regarding internet culture of everything that centers around the concept of internet. We can use the internet whatever we want to do where we see people trying to connect with other people by typing messages and sending to them where we might want to chat some more to see how they’re doing or something like that. It proves nowadays we use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. – where we want to meet up with old and new friends and wants to be our friends on the site where we also post photos on our profile to have not only me but also friends to see if they love the post/pictures. Whenever we don’t feel like using TV especially with your firestick, we can use sites (YouTube, Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and ITunes where you can watch stuff online including music, TV shows, Movies, etc. by how they’re lots of videos that you can watch on the site which can keep you comfortable where you can watch YouTube, Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, etc. on your TV and your firestick. You can use the computer to type notes that you want to make instead of writing on paper all time where you don’t want your hand to feel knock out. Whenever things don’t appear in stores no more either at Walmart, Target, etc. – there’s Amazon or Ebay where you can purchase anything that you’re looking for on any of the sites and purchase the items you seeking where you can have these items or give them to friends but in order to order stuff off these account, you must have an account. When relating to artifact that I try to find where I gone with IPhones where does have some concept that is similar to the internet or computer. You can use IPhones not only to send people messages and able to remember the persons contacts but you can also call them incase you want to spend a lot of time talking to the person. There’s a lot of apps on the IPhone that you can use so that way you don’t have to run back and forth using the stuff like Google Chrome all the time where you can use plenty of sites that have apps (Netflix, Hulu, FaceBook, etc.) on the phone where not only you’ll have those apps but also that they can keep you signed in so that you don’t have to log in with your username and password all the time. When you use your IPhone, if you feel tired of using your computer or IMac, you can use the internet on your IPhone where you can spend time on it where ever you go where it proves you got data on your IPhone where you can spend time on the internet on how many times you want instead of logging into a network by entering passwords. You can use your IPhone by taking pictures and recording videos so that you’ll have fond memories of the places that you went to on your beautiful time. We tend to see people doing new things and trying out new and fantastic electronics where it help shaped the future by making the world an even better place to live in with new and better technology and building lots of beautiful building to make the entire environment on this Earth bigger and better. The story help me understand lots of curious information where to see what will the future be like and how everything on the Earth will continue to become larger and fantastic by inventing new technology and also build more architect and meeting new people.

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