My Seventh #Dgst101 Post-Open Source Intel and Operational Security

We all have things that we would like to be private where we don’t want anyone else see your personal information of what you have write down. It would be scary to see someone stealing your information where they might share this information for some people and might spread it out to the world. This is why we should protect our information by getting diary with a lock and also clicking on the lock on the post in our account. This would prove that you’re the only one to read this post and not anyone else where my information that we made will be safe and sound. Sometimes I would write some stuff to myself discussing what I might do for the future, the movies that I might see, plans of getting a girlfriend, or feelings that I have toward my friends, etc. I would write these information for myself where I don’t want to let any of my friends or family know about these information rather it be some of the information I wrote can be a surprised for them where I’m worried that they might find out my information and can ruined the surprise. I also don’t want to share my true feelings that I have with my friends where I think it can hurt their feelings, scared, or maybe they don’t want to be friends with me anymore. It best that if there’s something that you in your head that you want to keep to yourself and not share to anyone where we want to write our own facts of what we have to say where it can be frustrating for anyone else seeing your work we want to be kept private where we want to protect our own facts from harm or thefts.

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