My Sixth #Dgst101 Post-Disinformation, Information Literacy, & The Digital Revolution

We tend to see fake information every week whenever we might see them on the news on the computer or on TV where we tend to believe if the information is true at first but after going through the information it’s turns to be a scam and not even bothered with those false information. We would prove how the news is fake where in the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, he know in the movie that a man found the last golden ticket in the news but it pointed that the man made a phony ticket where he wanted to go to the chocolate factory really badly where the last ticket went to Charlie. It shows how the news pointed that at first where they believe the person is a winner but turned out to be a phony or a lied to the public where people on the street won’t even bother in talking to the phony lying to everyone on the news. When looking at another example for fake news — with the episode from South Park (Fishstick), Jimmy and Cartman come up with a hilarious joke that even everyone except for Kayne West starts to use the joke have fun with it especially in the news where it wasn’t until later in the South Park episode when Conan O’Brien pointed who came up with the joke where it was Carlos Mencia where he believe he came up with it thinking he’s funny where Cartman becomes angry that Carlos stole credit from Cartman and Jimmy. However later in the episode where Jimmy and Cartman appeared on The Ellen Show where Jimmy and Cartman discussing not only discussing to Ellen, audience, and whoever watching the news on tv that they’re the real creators of the joke but also the importance of comedy. It goes to show that this particular person like Carlos Mencia in the episode of South Park where he think he was the true creator of the joke by telling to the audience on the news but ended to be a liar/fraud by spreading false information proving that he wants some credit/respect but ended lying to everyone where the real creator of the joke – Jimmy and Cartman would later brought up in the news. We would always see false information on the news where we can prove how the news is fake by looking at credible sources to find if it’s the right author, right date, or other evidences where we would know that the news turned out to be false. We would tend to see real news would be later brought and told everyone the truth of who is the real author/creator and what exactly happened today or yesterday where it would a lot more clearer and understandable.

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