My Third #Dgst101 Post – The Power of the Internet

The internet is not just a world wide web with lots of sites to explore but it’s also a place for people to either work or have a fun time doing whatever they want to do. We go on the internet to go to any sites we want to see, look at images, listening to videos or music, or play games, etc. where we have great sense of imagination and fun. We also can socialize with friends by chatting or sending messages online incase we can’t see in person where we miss them so much but we can do video chat or send messages to see how they’re doing and have blast with each other. You can’t just use the internet on the computer but you can use it on your laptop, phone, IPad, IPod, etc, where you can bring the internet anywhere you go and have a great time instead of waiting for a long time to get on the computer at home. There will be time where we use the internet too much where could make us rude to people and unable to see with all the light/flashing from the computer screen where can put us in a horrible mood. I still enjoy using the internet where I do love watching plenty of videos or looking at images that interested me. Especially when looking at animation and movies/shows where those are always fun whenever I go on the internet for my free time. There will be times where the internet can make us mean spirited and arrogant but the internet can also be a fun place to explore and go through many sites, videos, games, movies, images, etc. that can put us in a fantastic mood and a thrilling time.

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