Networking 101

The video basically goes over something that deals with us wanted to us the network to connect with other people and socialize with them. It was interesting at the beginning that stood out to me for the most part of how Carla describe many sites on the internet that have us connect with many people online including Instagram and FaceBook. It was fascinating when using these sites where it encourage us that we want to meet many people online that we’ve never seen before instead finding the right person in person where it can take a long time. The most takeaways that talks about career goals, reaching out to many people, or making networks where they’re smart notes to hold onto where we want many people to look to us and help us with a project that you’re working on in the future. Carla made this video to help teach us the life of thinking about our goals and meeting lots of people where it would be a great solution to have many people help you out on something you trying to gain during college for a successful future. She define Networking as something for you to generate lots of people and try to chat or socialize with many of them and also helping you out when needed. I searched Networking on Google where it’s define as gathering lots of followers across online to chat and try to develop facts and contacts from the followers you interact with. The video have a connection to Networking and the exercise where we want to have a chance to meet many followers that we haven’t talk to before where we want to be friends and do lots of fun stuff together in school or when we graduate and be a great support to help you with your work. I was assigned to this assignment to develop networking and meeting many people where it would help me to know what to do in the world when I graduate including finding a job or have a successful future, etc..

There some people (where my group is mostly girls) that I may forgot their names but I know there were Grace and Mia. It was really engaging to interact with them where they have lots of great facts to share and have some have similarities to me in terms of hobbies including how some of the girls including me both played soccer. It was refreshing going over the exercise where it’s nice to meet with many new and familiar people and also try to get to know each other where it was a lot of fun with the conversation. While I might have forgot about the hot list from the group last week since I was busy, I believed I shared to them about some of my childhood. I like to read lots of children’s book and sit in a comfy chair or bed. It gave me a soft and relaxing time for when I was a little kid where I still do now and still be fun and heartwarming when I read those books and relax. I believed already mentioned that one of the girls in my group and me played soccer. We have lots of fun playing the sport and I believed we didn’t last long in the sport either not want to play sport anymore or took a break due to covid. I played soccer from 2013 – 2018 where I’m now a mentor helping out many players. My group members were full of joy and optimistic where Grace would understand my traits where not only I worked with her before but also great support to the group to understand my childhood or experience that I used to have in the past or recent. I think I learned from the group of finding the perfect goals for the future where they told interesting stories of describing many job opportunities (working at a store, front desk, or be an assistant at the hospital). Those careers would be a helpful and great career for me when I graduate so that I focus of passing school before getting a job. I don’t remembered much from the highlights where I remembered where we discussed about our childhood, our birth, and our dream for the future. It was fun to discovered where we want to talk to each other about our life and the dream we want to come true when we finished with college where the group want to know their thoughts on the dreams the want to have. The vocal from each of us was really clear and detailed where we present in clear motion about all of us of what we want to do after college, our birth history, and the life we having now where we understand the amount of the clear information presented from all of us and know what each of us are going through and what we want in the future. There wasn’t any changes through the conversation and the exercise where everything is straightforward where we did the tasks of what we have to do with exercise and manage to finish it in the afternoon of the end of class. I would like to discuss some aspects of my childhood again to the girls in my group where last time I was having a hard time which part of my childhood that I would want to discuss to the group but it would be great that I play many games and going to the movies a lot since I was little. They might want to know that I enjoy playing games and watching movies where whenever I take breaks I would be a chilling time to play any games and watch any movies. I might want to be with same group for the next exercise where not only that we get to know more about ourselves but we can also express some fun facts of what we like or dislike and know that have we have friends that has always be in our life. I wouldn’t mind having Reese in my group in the future where she does look like a smart and dependable kid that manage to get lots of great grades in the class, turn things on time and always kind and heartwarming to make every people happy like a mother. I don’t know what to expect with Networking 101 in thee future where I couldn’t think of something great that could fit with the assignment if we do it again in the future. I would describe the assignment as educational where it basically describing from each member in my group about our life, traits, and goals after college. I don’t remember sharing any resource to the group and same the group members too where again we were following the tasks we have to do with the assignment. The group members including me collected each contacts from all of us so that we know that the assignment is in perfect condition and see how things are going from each of us. I give a 10 for the group leader where she doing a great job express the delivery in the conversation in clear detailed to have it easy to understand and she was kind to everyone. I don’t feel like being a leader where ends up giving it a 4 where I’m not a fan of asking lots of questions that are hard and sometimes get nervous if I lead the group the wrong ways . I gave my performance for the my delivery in the conversation a 9 where I’m not extremely perfect but it was simple and cute of being nice to my group members and enjoy discussing some of my childhood to the group so that I would have a chance to know how fun my life was when I was a little kid where I wouldn’t do anything differently to the assignment. We managed to do our meeting through Zoom where I was in the HCC building and everyone else was in a different building or their apartments/homes where everything was clear and were able to do our assignment in perfectly mode in the location that we were at. It was a great exercise where next time try to add less questions to the assignment where there were a lot of questions where took me days to finish this reflection so next time try to add either 5-7 questions where not only it would satisfied me but everyone else.

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